A second order cybernetic mechanism generating random numbers by chance

by Markus Decker, Pamela Neuwirth & fx

“Ghostradio sounded suitably mysterious and dark” regine debatty

fotocredits: md

Ghostradio is the attempt to find randomness in the world of mathematics through the intersecting fields and time-critical reflections of situations. Randomness can be created within the border zone of our deterministic, logical system: Within the world of atomic decay, the quantum world or through the background noise of the universe. With the ghostradio project, we are working on the subject of chance. we won’t use any of the anomalies or the boundaries of the causal world, instead we are taking the far broader approach to the possibilities arising in the definitions of string theory and the existence of the multiverse. The ghostradio method functions with feedback and quantum-effects, losing time and space relevance through the creation of transformation entropy with a shift to the boundaries of the parallel world within the same plot but with a different story, that of our doppelganger, the ghost.

Part of Stadtwerkstatt 48 2015 in cooperation with ars electronica

part of rixc fields exhibition national museum riga 2014

part of piksel festival bergen 2014

curated by Armin Medosch (2014) & Shu Lea Cheang (2015)

articel by kathrine fieldgate | Cryptology – silent frame

Article in Spiegel netzwelt