all you need is time

Feminist interpretation of an old oriental anecdote in which someone meets death twice.

teaser video Installation @ Leerstand, Humboldtstr. 17, Linz

The fatalistic, heroic dying-staring-death of the story is replaced by simultaneity, interval and duration.

Mummy waiting with a mask in her hands, which is an image of the author En-ḫedu-ana.

article about anette zgoll’s reasearch [german, Deutschlandfunk]

10. october – 30. october 2020 ~ sunset – 22.00

Linz, humboldtstraße 17

Installation in the vacant space of an old, abandoned butcher’s shop.

In Open Space on Radio FRO on 23. october 2020 on 105.0 Mhz from 00.00 – 01:00 hrs.

Sponsored by Linz Kultur