fck tempus fugit

0 Nothing
1 Something
1 Passing
2 Fibonacci
3 Duration
5 Freshness

We pass away against the background of eternity. In waiting we follow the timeless. In the timelessness comes the silence. Now the ecstasy shows itself in the things … untouched, fresh ground … remember Courbet …

Three stones, from the cemetery wall are gold-plated. The stones float in black milk – an oxymoron that speaks to ontological paradox. The black milk is poured into a low basin in the shape of a Pascal’s triangle. Acoustically, the order is indicated with thunder, which temporally follows the Fibonacci series as reverb.

Source sound: “Thunder” sample as impact and pad sound.

Composition: The compositional context follows the Fibonacci series.

1: Silence between the impacts (thunder): 1 sec., 1 sec., 2 sec., 3 sec., 5 sec., …. 233 seconds.

2: Duration of the sound variations: 1 min., 1 min., 2 min., 3 min., 5 minutes.

3: Modulation by effect (Haas effect, saturation) follows a repeating 1-1-2-3-5 rhythm.

copyright stefan prielinger

fck tempus fugit @ stwst48 mediaart festival 2021 linz in coop with ars electronica.