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Theology in a multiple choice test

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an interactive journey on the landscape of atheists, agnostics and believers

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autumn/winter 2023/24

you can’t bearely make a decision between believe and better believe

Proof of God with Tautology

I don’t believe in natural science

K. Gödel

Axiom 1 Either a property or its negation is positive.
Axiom 2 A property necessarily following from a positive property is positive.
Theorem 1 Positive properties possibly come to a being.
Definition 1 A being is divine if it possesses all positive properties.
Axiom 3 Divine is a positive property. Corollary Possibly a divine being exists.
Axiom 4 Positive properties are necessarily positive.
Definition 2 A property of a being is essential if it necessarily implies all its properties.
Theorem 2 Divine is an essential property of any divine being.
Definition 3 A being is necessarily existent if it necessarily satisfies all its essential properties.
Axiom 5 Necessary existence is a positive property.
Theorem 3 A divine being necessarily exists.

in search of the ontological proof

Content dimensions of the multiple choice test

Philosophical subjects
Biblical subjects, Old and New Testament
Historical subjects: Church history
Systematic Theological Subjects: Fundamental Theology – Dogmatic Theology – Moral theology – Theology of Spirituality – Religious Studies